A one stop shop providing resources for making, inventing & tinkering with micro-controllers, electronic modules, 3D printing, robotics and design thinking.


Want to learn how to work with electronics and microcontrollers but need a little help? Get started with our DIY Kits and learn how to build gadgets, robots, home automation devices and IoT based solutions on your own. All kits are specially designed and tested for local market.

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You got your kit, but we’ve more for you. We teach hands-on skills around the cutting-edge topics of 21st century which includes basics of micro-controller, robotics, internet of things, hardware product development. If you think kit is not enough, join us at our workshops.

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DIY GEEKS has revolutionized product fabrication. Check out our 3D Printing services with Ultimaker 3 Extended and Form 2, not only that we have PCB Fabrication and Laser Cutting facility online. Made something cool? Send us your design, we’ll do the rest.

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Coding Classes for Kids Online

We mentor the young learners to thrive in this new world- with the education that equips them with future skills and raises awareness to become the architect of their life. Programming classes for kids is the aptest tool to invigorate skills such as logical reasoning, problem-solving, creative thinking, and much more. The coding courses for kids that we offer are curated by some of the best educationists in the industry.

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